About Nakanogumi

Nakanogumi’s long history have started when young Tadashi Nakano came up to Kyoto from Okayama and started working as a plasterer in 1920s.
Since then the technique and tradition handed down over four generations (about 100 years of experience) in beautiful traditional city, Kyoto.


Third-generation and current President of NAKANOGUMI.
Known as a well-experienced, skilled plaster craftsman. He has not only inherited and preserving the Japanese traditional skills but also positive to adopt new methods and materials, with flexible mind. Very avid trainer, working hard to give educatiion of inherited techniques to young craftmen. His son Ryuta Nakano is surpporting his work as fourth-generation.

"We carry out all aspects of interior and exterior plastering, smooth and decorative surfaces"


We are exclusive distributor of “Jolypate” by AIKA Kogyo Co. Ltd, Japan.


We are Licensed Contractor of “OLTRMATERIA” by Ecomat, Italy.

OLTREMATERIA®︎ Texture sample


We’ve excuted various exsample of MORTEX by BEAL.

Hanchiku style wall

we are well-experienced to make “Hanchiku” style wall.